Small Space Hack: Where To Put Your Clothes Drying Rack

Using a clothes rack to dry your clothes after laundering is a great way to save money, the environment, and your clothes.  As opposed to a machine dryer, a clothes drying rack uses less electricity (and money, especially if you’re paying by the load at a laundromat, as we are), as well as extends the life of your clothes.

When my boyfriend, B, and I lived in a 765 square foot 1-bedroom apartment we would place the clothes drying racks in our living room.  When guests came to visit we could simply place the racks into our bedroom and close the door – viola!  You’d never guess we had 20 pairs of underwear drying in there!  However, when we moved into our current 450 square foot studio apartment we were faced with a challenge – where to put our drying racks? We didn’t mind seeing our own clothes as they dried, but we doubted our guests wanted to view our socks, shirts, shorts and all in their full glory.

One of the best small-space living hacks I’ve seen to solve this issue comes from Alison Mazurek from – my favorite small-living blog, by far.  She recommends placing your clothes drying rack in your bathroom tub.  It makes sense – you’re likely not using that space for 95% of the day, so why not maximize your small space’s square footage?  Plus you can pull your shower curtain closed and no one will open it up to see what’s behind.  I promise!  Try it out and see how it works for you.

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