Tomorrow Is Museum Day!

For those of you not aware, tomorrow is 22 September 2018.  In addition to being my first day of funemployment (the state of voluntarily quitting one’s job and living without any income, thus cycling said funemployed individual into an existential crisis where fabricated words like “funemployed” make life seem a bit more manageable), it also happens to be Museum Day!

Museum Day is an annual event sponsored by Smithsonian Mag in partnership with Microsoft.  Even though this event is sponsored by Smithsonian Mag, museums from all around the country are participating.

Tomorrow’s nationwide Museum Day allows for free entry to anyone with a Museum Day ticket, which can easily be accessed here and comes at no cost.  Each museum patron can obtain one ticket per email address, and two individuals can be admitted per ticket.  The website also allows for a search of participating museums based on zip code or museum name.

Happy museum browsing!

P.S. This post’s photo is from my 2016 visit to the Vatican Museum in Vatican City.  Check one for visiting tiny areas that are actually separate countries to bolster my world country count!


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