Why I Finally Replaced My 7-Year-Old Phone

I recently upgraded my phone from 2014 to a phone from, wait for it - yes, 2016. It's a whole two years newer and let me tell you, in those two years phone manufacturers really upped their game. My new phone has such fancy features as enough storage space, an operating system supported by the manufacturer, and a pretty good camera.


Why 2020 Is a Great Time to Craft a Capsule Wardrobe

I have never before tried out a capsule wardrobe, nor am I the type to participate in fashion challenges. Five years ago I owned 15 pairs of jeans and didn't wear half of them.  I had over 40 different types of sweatshirts and at least as many t-shirts.  I filled a walk-in closet plus a 5-drawer dresser all by myself.  These spaces were packed with clothes I didn't wear or didn't like.


Everything I Use To Clean My Home

Several years ago I used to own dozens of cleaning products.  I used one for the toilet bowl, another for the tub, another for the toilet seat, another for the mirrors, another for the refrigerator, another for the kitchen counters, etc. and so on.  I bought into the notion that I had to use a different product on each individual surface.  It was costly, wasteful, and harmful to both myself and the environment.

Cheap, Eco, Wanderer

Four Easy Ways to Save Money While Traveling

Travel is expensive. This belief is one that oftentimes stops us from exploring new places for fear of depleting our bank accounts.  And while any trip can become a pricey undertaking, there are several very easy things you can do to save money during your journeys.