How Three Mexicans Defined My Trip to México City and Reminded Me About Latinx Hospitality

What most intrigues me about visiting a Latinx country is interacting with the locals. I count myself fortunate to have a decent level of Spanish to be able to converse fairly easily with native Spanish-speakers, which affords me the opportunity to travel to 20 countries without having to worry about communication (save for strong accents - the "ll" from the Río de la Plata region still throws me sometimes). Hispanic hospitality is not new to me - I spent five months backpacking around Ecuador and Perú a year ago - but being in the U.S. for a year had reoriented me back to the individualistic society of which I am so familiar. It was, therefore, highly refreshing and emotionally touching to have three specific interactions that strongly stand out in my memory. As it's looking as if I won't be travelling anytime soon, much less hopping on a plane, I'm taking the time to reminisce about the three Mexican boys/men who made an impact on a solita gringa like me.