Why I Finally Replaced My 7-Year-Old Phone

I recently upgraded my phone from 2014 to a phone from, wait for it - yes, 2016. It's a whole two years newer and let me tell you, in those two years phone manufacturers really upped their game. My new phone has such fancy features as enough storage space, an operating system supported by the manufacturer, and a pretty good camera.


Why I Quit My $40 Verizon Phone Bill

Ladies and gentleman, I am happy to say I have officially left Verizon and picked up a phone carrier I’m quite happy with.  The phone carrier is Mint Mobile (formerly Mint Sim), run by Ultra Mobile.  It’s a third-party carrier that runs on T-Mobile’s network.  My current Mint Mobile plan is significantly cheaper than my $40 Verizon plan and has all of the same benefits.