Pandemic Finance Diaries, Part 5: New Opportunities

Welcome to Part 5 of the Pandemic Finance Diaries! Part 5 will review my gig job income from March 1, 2021 to May 31, 2021. If you missed Parts 1-4 or are wondering why I’m tallying my gig economy income during the pandemic, I suggest starting at Part 1 of the series. This quarter's pandemic… Continue reading Pandemic Finance Diaries, Part 5: New Opportunities


Pandemic Finance Diaries, Part 4: Vaccines and Reflections

Before getting into this post I'd like to take a moment to reflect on the fact that the Pandemic Finance Diaries series has extended for a full year; never when I first wrote about my income during the pandemic did I think the world would still be in a scary pandemic place a full 13 months later with too many lives lost and even more livelihoods impacted.

Cheap, Wanderer

South America Prep: Cost Breakdown

In just a week I leave on a one-way ticket to Quito, Ecuador.  While this trip is one I have been planning for quite some time, I don't believe the magnitude has yet hit me.  Instead, I have busied myself with all of the preparation required for temporarily moving to another continent.